Sioux Family


Circa 1880


Tradition of Survival

By Darren M. Grine


 Life of harmony, has soon gone past

  Visitors from the east, arrived all to fast

 Time of transition, was this going to last

  Concerns of the Sioux, we have to surpass


The land that was once theirs, is no more

 Freedom once had, is gone and nevermore

 Buffalo once hunted to sustain, is now a core

 Their spirit, they could not take, is forevermore


Overcoming obstacles, it was all about strive

 Storms and battles, they would always survive

Mother Earth bequeathed, allowing them to thrive

Taking only what was needed, surely glad to be alive


The Great Spirit allows all to believe

Recognizing all living things, this has to be

Every man and woman of the Sioux, has to agree

The pride of the Native People, is there to conceive


The people of the Sioux will always be strong

Giving thanks to Grandfather with dance and song

A past is kept in order teach the young so that they belong

 Tradition of survival shall be taught, so that there will be no more wrong


Copyright © 2004 Darren M. Grine





 Sioux Warriors


Circa 1900

Sioux Warrior

By Darren M. Grine


A heritage well respected

Regarded highly is my culture

Custom reigns many generations


 First born into tradition am I

 Walking in footsteps is expected

To shoulder burdens, sharing the joy


Tall order becomes me the chosen

Maturity comes quickly into season

Resolutions, responsibilities are mine


Life’s skills exceed my growth

Daily survival evolves necessities

Tutored is prayer, family, truth, respect


Sacred thanks to Grandfather

Our symbol of life is the buffalo

Mother earth shares her abundance


Elders mentor the timid

Fighting skills are taught to all

The proven unfold me as a leader


Comes forth a day of uncertainty

Intruders threaten our harmonic means

Defeated is the enemy, truly am I a Sioux Warrior


Copyright © 2006 Darren M. Grine



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