Spirit of the Wolf



A Wolf Prayer

By Darren M. Grine


Your spirit gave us life

Your power gave us strength

Your existence gave us purpose


Skillfully, you shadowed us

Willingly, we shadowed you

Mirthfully, we beheld Mother Earth


Side by side, we willfully shared

 Graciously, it was both who howled

Together, we cried out to Grandfather


Fear not fear, but embrace

We are the people of the Sioux

You are wolf, our ancestral brother


Copyright © 2008 Darren M. Grine







 Sunkmanitu tanka



I am Wolf

By Darren M. Grine


 I am Sunkmanitu tanka,

I am the spirit of the past,

I am the core of the present,

I am the heart of the future,

I am wolf, native of the Sioux.


Copyright © 2008 Darren M. Grine






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