By Darren M. Grine


Let our people of the sacred land roam free

All of nature’s wonders gather around thee

Kindred are we, this is part of our decree

Our heritage is Mother Earth for all to see

Together, we can live in harmony

And remember, all we have to do is to believe


Sacred is thy name to behold

Indian culture and beliefs shall be told

Our native land shall never be sold

Unity is our people that are forever bold

X in Sioux will always be our threshold


Copyright © 2004 Darren M. Grine

Oglala Sioux Chief


Circa 1890

Dakota Sioux Chief



Circa 1900

Divine Spirit


Eagle (anunkasan)

Sioux Prayer of Gratitude

By Darren M. Grine


Oh Great Spirit, creator of all

Allow us to walk as with one

Show us the pathway of dignity


Teach us to respect your creation

Give strength amidst times of need

Let it be known you are our guardian


Provide us with your many offerings

Forgive with grace when asked upon

Entrust us with sacred Earth’s legacies


Grant us the insight to uphold your vision

Inspire knowledge when asked thereafter

Bestow us tranquility as we’re forever grateful


Copyright ©2008 Darren M Grine

Divine Messenger


Hawk (cetan)

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